Researching and Writing


Why are we here?

The Du Channel started out of a love for working with East Asian Medicine and teaching. We started out as a small group of practitioners getting together and having meaningful conversations about the medicine. 

When the pandemic hit it drove this whole operation online. We realized that we needed a place outside of the standard social media platforms where our community could gather. 

A place where we could organize and share information without being advertised to or have to interact with the rest of the social network. 

Collectively our profession is trying to reduce the suffering of others. The Du Channel is meant to be used as a space to deepen your relationship to the medicine, to your teachers, to the broader community, and to your own growth as a practitioner. 

Join the conversation, ask questions, present cases, teach a class, announce a job offering. This is a space of generosity and support. Looking forward to growing together.